Wooden Loose parts


Wooden loose parts for open ended, imaginative, child led play.

Made of solid beech wood in various shapes to offer endless possibilities for developing children’s development and learning.


Our wooden loose parts or ‘treasures’ are available in a variety of different shapes.  They are made of smooth beech wood and supplied to us from a Wiltshire based business.

Shapes we stock include; tear drop, mushroom, acorn, bone, cone, planet, drop and top

They are used to promote open ended creative play, sparking imagination and discovery. All of this whilst strengthening independence and decision making.

Our wooden loose parts are ideal for using with  different sensory bases, coloured rice, sand or chickpeas, as well as with our sensory dough.

The benefits of loose part play are well documented.  They range from promoting storytelling, language development, mathematical discovery, science investigation and sensory exploration. There is no right or wrong loose parts play, just open-ended play allowing children of all ages to have fun.

We love using wooden loose parts in our children’s play as it is an easy play ‘set up’, which takes children wherever their imagination leads.

Children also observe, enquire and problem solve without even realising they are practising these skills.

Creative art and craft activities are another way to use our wooden ‘treasures’. Many happy hours can be filled with paint, glue, felt pens or stickers.  The choice is endless.

Why not store your Loose parts in one of our discovery boxes? Treasures can be bought singularly or groups, the choice is yours.



They should be stored dry and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Please be aware as these products are all natural slight imperfections may occur

All are EN71: 1-3 tested

Parental supervision advised.  not suitable for under 3s



Used with our sensory bases, loose parts can add texture and provide interest to play ‘set ups’, both in small world and imaginative play.

Also, they are perfect used with our sensory dough.  Different shapes leaving different pattens!

Perhaps they will be used as dragon food, objects for moving with dumper trucks or fairy hiding places.

What can children discover? Do they roll, will they travel down tubes, can they stack?

So many play opportunities, our imaginations being the only limiting factor.



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Acorn, Bone, Coin, Cone, Mushroom, Planet, Pointed spinning top, Rounded spinning top, Water drop


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