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Looking for information and advice about childhood play? You’ve come to the right place.

We cover all topics of play from open ended play, Montessori approach, top tips and always loads of play ideas to keep your little ones busy.

We pride ourselves on only giving you information which is actually useful and has been tried and tested by mum and daughter duo on our children/grandchildren.


Kids Easter Gift Guide | Sustainable Easter Gifts

I don’t know about you but Easter is really sneaky up on me this year, but never fear, I am here to offer you some eco friendly, chocolate free gifts

Why we love Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough

Here at Little Ones we very carefully select our suppliers We’re super proud of who we choose to stock and we wanted to share with you why we they fit

Montessori transferring trays for 2 to 6 year olds

The Evolution of a Montessori Transferring Tray These super simple transferring trays are a great activity for toddlers through to school aged children. These activities help with fine motor skills,

10 new autumn play prompts

Fed up of pumpkins and Halloween as the only play ideas during Autumn?                                 Try these

Nurturing Little Hearts: Play Ideas to help children deal with their emotions.

Childhood is a magical time filled with wonder, curiosity and a rollercoaster of emotions. As the new school year begins its completely normal for children’s emotions to become heighted –

Play at home – our top tips

6 top tips for imaginative, creative and curious play at home Perhaps you’ve read our previous blog ‘what is open ended play’ or just want to elevate your at home

What i’m buying for a playful summer

What I’m buying for a more playful summer? When choosing my new resources for the holidays I always try and select new bits and bobs from different areas of play. Theis helps so we don’t end

So what is open ended play?

Do you ever find yourself sat on cold hard floor not really knowing the rules to some made up role play game? If the answer is yes let me say

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