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For Your Child, Parent ApprovedAll our products have been carefully selected and approved by parents

Kind To The PlanetWe believe in sourcing products that are kind to the planet, its people and resources

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Here at Little Ones we believe in the power of learning through play, our hand sourced collection of resources and toys promotes independent, imaginative and playful childhood experiences. Our resources have been chosen to be open ended this means they have unlimited possibilities for play. We passionately believe in buying products for personalities, not accepted gender stereotypes, that’s why you won’t find any girls/boys sections on our website.
Our traditional wooden toys have been selected to last a life time and provide diverse play and learning opportunities.

Planet Friendly & Ethical Toys for Toddlers

We remain committed to working with our suppliers and makers and sourcing products which fit with our company’s ethos of being kind to the planet, its people and resources. While steering clear of gender stereotypes, promoting diversity and ensuring the power of play is easily accessible to everyone.

All of our children’s toys can be enjoyed by young children safely, with the reassurance for parents that our products contain no toxins or harmful chemicals. Our toys and resources contain as little plastic as possible and are largely handmade with plant-friendly, sustainable materials.

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Educational Toys for All Child Preferences

Let children freely play and explore themselves with toys designed for all preferences and desires. Toddlers experience the world around them and develop their personalities through play, which is why our selection of age-appropriate toys is designed to foster a pure and unrestricted way of playing, free from stereotypical gender associations.

All boys and girls can enjoy constructive and educational playtime with our wide selection of toys designed for toddlers up to children aged five, although older children can still enjoy many of our toys, too!

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Children that engage in fun, creative, and imaginative play develop their cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. These skills are essential for the healthy development of young children. Find out some of the benfits of play below.

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A carefully created collection of planet friendly children’s toys to inspire creativity, open-ended and curious play.

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