Ultimate Festive Sensory Play Kit


This is our Ultimate Festive Sensory Play Kit and has absolutely everything you need for festive sensory play.

Use it during that ‘oh so exciting’ build up! Or it makes a perfect gift.

Check out the ‘ How to play’ tab for some ideas of how to play with this kit.

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Now this is mega and is sure to lead to hours of creative play for your little one. Our ultimate Christmas Play Kit has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance your little ones open ended play skills,  imagination and curiosity in the world around them.

Play kit includes:

2x sensory doughs – in frost white and crushed ginger
1x bespoke Christmas crumble mix
1x black and gold chickpeas
1x pair of tongs
1x scoop
4x sticks
4x festive coloured felt balls
1x wooden loose part in cone shape
1x wooden hat
1x hand painted Father Christmas peg person

All packed in a eco friendly gift box with wooden star, ribbon and gift tag – taking the stress out of gift giving.

Recommended 3+ due to small parts

Here are just a few ideas you could do with this play kit – remember its open ended so anything goes. Let your child lead the play and focus on the process of play rather than the outcome. Maybe they make a Christmas spider rather than a reindeer or perhaps they just stick the sticks and loose part into the dough – that is great open ended play.  

Could you make a reindeer, maybe even Rudolph or perhaps a snow man is better.

Can you sort the coloured chickpeas into different colours?

Can you hide some festive pictures under the festive crumble?

Maybe your father Christmas peg doll could do on a festive walk through the sensory crumble – what does he see?

Can you make gingerbread people with the sensory dough?

Can you make some yummy food for your sensory dough reindeer using the chickpeas and crumble?

Who’s going to wear the little hat?

Could you paint the hat or the cone? What colour would you choose?


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