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Here at Little Ones we very carefully select our suppliers We’re super proud of who we choose to stock and we wanted to share with you why we they fit into Little Ones ethos to be kind to the planet, its people and resources. So lets shine a spot light on Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough. This is one of our best sellers and for good reason.

5 reasons why Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough is one of our favourite suppliers.

  1. The colours and the smells- I mean they are so beautiful and each scent is delicious, they range from blackcurrant, to butterscotch to aniseed. My fave is Fresh Meadow Green the mint smell is divine.
    Little ones: spring sensory dough activity kit, green
  2. Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough is a fellow UK small business and we love that.
    Little Ones: sensory dough ice cream
  3. Each 300g tin of dough will easily last for 6 months – this means 1/2 a year of play for less than £6!
    Little ones: bee sensory dough kit
  4. The dough is so super soft making it perfect for little hands – it squishes through fingers in an oh so satisfying way, it’s great with stampers and our dough accessories or brilliant for moulding and modelling for those older children.
    Little Ones: Sensory dough colour mixing
  5.  Each dough come in its own metal tin which is brilliant for play on the go – make it into a dough box and use when you want your littles ones entertained or do like the 5 minute mum says and simply take the tin with you on a plane journey. 
    Little Ones: sensory dough travel box


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