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What I’m buying for a more playful summer?

When choosing my new resources for the holidays I always try and select new bits and bobs from different areas of play. Theis helps so we don’t end up with loads of the same types of toys, leading to the inevitable “i’m bored” comments.

Picture of brightly coloured sensory bases, including sensory dough, rice and chickpeas

Brightly coloured sensory bases

Areas of play

Creativity and sensory – stock up on art supplies and look for new ways to use them. Who doesn’t love a new pen or sensory dough.  I also like to add different base resources into the mix, so you could try adding a mirror and using Kitpas crayons or paint on that or use a big plastic sheet and decorate that instead of paper. Perhaps you could save up old recycling for decorating and junk modelling.

Small world play – add a few new bits to your little ones favourite type of small world play. This might be a few new animals, cars, people or maybe its furniture for a dolls house.

Imaginary or dramatic play- I love the wondercloths which can be used in so many new ways – think capes, or small world scene background. How about a new costume or a wooden ice cream set to play ice cream shops.


Wooden ice cream set with felt balls    Sensory dough set including treasure bags of loose part and rolling pins     Wooden heart and star wands with paint pots   Inspire my play tray with a child using kitpas bath crayons to draw on   Octopus peg doll   Little girl stacking up different shaped wooden cubes

Puzzles, games or kits – could you have a summer challenge of an epic puzzle for over the summer holidays or maybe a new sensory play kit is what your little one would love. For slightly older children a resource such as the knitting fork or braiding star offers a great ‘puzzle’ for creating wonderful braids and threads. I am also a big fan of orchard toys and their games – they offer so many different options to suit your little ones preferences.

Building – If your little one is into building could add a few new blocks into their existing collection? Maybe its a few smaller cubes or a stacking stone in a different shape, making the build a bit more challenging.

A final word

You don’t need to buy everything, you know your little one and what they like best so lean into – trust yourself.

Remember to check out your local charity shop or Facebook Marketplace for some of these items – they will be loads cheaper and better for the planet to buy second hand. If you are buying new please try and support small and independent businesses – it means the world to us.

How about a toy swap – If your little ones are anything like mine they love other children’s toys so why not capitalise on that and meet up with friends with children a similar age and do a toy swap over the summer.

I also recommend spreading out the newness – perhaps each week or at peak points  of tensions it could be a great way to help the calm return.

Wooden dog figures - Labrador, poodle, sausage dog and westie

Wishing your the most playful summer yet.

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